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Grosse Pointe Indoor Signs

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Whether the business you run is a retail establishment or a manufacturing plant, the indoor signs your business uses can have a significant impact on your business. As your local Grosse Pointe sign company, we have the solutions you need to provide wayfinding assistance to your guests, keep your employees safe, and keep your operations moving forward.

custom lobby wall mural in office

Choosing the right type of indoor signage for your business can be challenging. Many different factors need to be considered, such as your signage goals for marketing and business promotion, how guests or customers navigate your facility, any legal requirements regarding signage, and even how much wear and tear your expect your signage to experience.

Salient Sign Studio not only understands signage, we also understand the various roles signage takes when supporting your business, such as controlling the flow of traffic through your business, how they can motivate your employees or keep them safe, and how the can ensure your brand gets remembered. By focusing on creating impactful signage that is tailored to your brand, location, and needs, we can help support your business growth and help you capitalize on missed opportunities, ultimately helping you improve your bottom line.

If you don’t know what type of signage your business needs or are moving to a new location, we can provide on-site evaluations to help you determine what signage will best support your business goals.

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Interior Signage For Office Buildings

custom metal lobby sign

Large office complexes typically house several different businesses or may be made up of several offices for a single company. Either way, they can be difficult for new guests to navigate, often leaving your receptionist with the task of providing directions to each new guest as they arrive. However, many businesses can utilize their receptionist for more essential functions by installing effective signage to support their visitors.

From helpful directories to attractive identification signs, indoor signage is very effective at supporting wayfinding within a large office building. With appropriate placement, these signs will intuitively lead a guest on their visit, making it easy for them to find the area or office they need with minimal support.

Grosse Pointe, MI indoor signs are also a perfect way to brand your entire office building. Logo signs, wall murals floor signs, and informational signs can all be used to share information about your business history, brand, and products or services you have to offer.

Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs

custom indoor menu boards

Indoor signage for restaurants and retail establishments are often targeted more at highlighting products or services instead of their brand. That doesn’t mean that their branding doesn’t play a significant role in their promotional or wayfinding signage!

Salient Sign Studio creates attractive menu boards, product displays, POP signage, hanging banners, floor vinyl, and other custom signage that will highlight your products, while reinforcing your brand by utilizing your colors, fonts, and logos. Eye-catching signage makes it easy for your customers to navigate your facility, find the departments they want, and the products they need. As a leading Grosse Pointe sign company, we understand what customers expect when it comes to signage, so we focus on creating intuitive signage that meets those expectations each and every day.

Signs for Warehouses & Manufacturing

safety construction sign

Some businesses aren’t open to the public, but even they need impactful indoor signage to keep operations running smoothly. Whether your goal is to improve employee productivity, safety, or simply provide an attractive area for employees to relax, Salient Sign Studio has the solutions to help you achieve those goals.

Wide format murals, safety signs, wayfinding signs, and indoor vinyl banners work toward supporting your business goals, both in improving productivity and safety while also creating a workplace your employees can enjoy returning to each day. Salient Sign Studio is your partner for attractive, impactful manufacturing signage, providing guidance, assistance, and support to ensure you have the right graphic tools in place to keep your business moving.

We even create attention-grabbing outdoor signs to alert and keep visitors safe when approaching hazardous areas or remind staff of safe business practices when working outside of your facility.

Cohesive Interior Signs for Business

When promoting your Grosse Pointe business and building brand recognition, consistency is essential to achieving a level of success that keeps your business competitive. By having solid brand guidelines and referencing them throughout your marketing endeavors, you will not only obtain the repetition required for your brand to take hold but also begin painting a clearer picture of your business as a whole and the level of professionalism your customers can expect each time they do business with you. We create eye-catching lobby signs, ADA signage, window displays, POP signs, wayfinding signs, and other commercial signage that perfectly complement your brand and make it easy for you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

We even create personalized vehicle wraps to add to the consistency of your brand, allowing you to express your brand personality wherever your vehicle goes!

Not a graphic designer, or have one employed? Not a problem! Salient Sign Studio offers expert design assistance. Our talented graphic designers will take your ideas and turn them into functional signage elements for brand and business promotion.

Every Indoor Sign Your Business Needs!

Custom tradeshow signs and graphicsSalient Sign Studio is your answer for getting the custom indoor signs you want and your business needs.

From helpful ADA signage to brand building wall murals, we understand the different needs of the various industries in Grosse Pointe. We consider your physical space, competition, and business goals to craft the perfect signage solutions that fit your budget, brand personality, and timeframe.

Whether you need a complete collection of promotional signs or a single custom graphic, Salient Sign Studio can’t wait to create it for you!

Our indoor sign services include:

Full-Service Interior Sign Manufacturers

Custom Sign FabricationAs your local full-service sign shop, we handle all of your interior signage needs, from professional sign design to installation, repair, and even maintenance. We begin with a free consultation, where our consultants discuss your business, brand, and marketing goals. If you have any existing signage or established brand guidelines, we can work with those or start from scratch. Once we understand what type of indoor signage you need, we will provide a draft for you to review and edit as you desire. You can change anything from the size of your signage to the text, colors, fonts, even materials. This is your project, and we want you to be as delighted with your final product as we were to create it.

Once we have the go-ahead on your project, our skilled fabrication team will quickly and efficiently create and prepare your indoor signs for installation. While many of our indoor signs can be quickly and correctly self-installed, we offer complete installation for our more complex or large sign projects, to ensure a safe and professional finish that you can be proud of.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation

Grosse Pointe Indoor Signs Salient Sign Studio Logo 300x80We look forward to discussing your Grosse Pointe business signage and marketing goals, providing superior customer support, and unrivaled signage solutions that help grow your business. So when you need a local signage partner who can handle any signage challenges you face, Salient Sign Studio is the right choice!

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